Medieval Weapons Used In The Middle Ages

Medieval weapons were used daily in the Middle Ages. The reason for this is that living in the Middle Ages was not peaceful. It seemed the most popular activity was to take other’s land and power. What is the quickest way to wealth and power, why to take it from someone else that already has it! The amount of war and fighting over land and power was quite staggering. Many castles were built during this time to protect the landowners and their seats of power. People were prepared for war at all times, as skirmishes or full out wars and battles were not infrequent.

Knights, foot soldiers and archers all had different weapons they used. Also the weapons changed as the armor changed as well. Swords developed and used at the beginning of the Medieval times had to change when it could not longer pierce the small chain mail. The Crusades took place in these times and medieval weapons were used all over the Holy Lands. The Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights and Hospitallers fought in the Holy Lands with the blessing of their lords and kings.

The classes of weapons used by the foot soldiers and knights were very different, due to their different needs as knights were on horseback. Not everyone got the latest weapon developed, as it all depended on their status and position in the Feudal System. Having knights in your employ was very expensive. The weapons, armor for knight and horse and the horse were very costly. The Feudal System declared that Lords were expected to provide trained soldiers for the country. Knights were in turn supported by their soldiers.

The variety of medieval weapons used during these times includes polearms, battle axes, maces, billhook, caltrop, flail, halberd, longbow, bow, crossbow, pike, poleaxe, quarterstaff, spear, warhammer, baton and scimitar. Those weapons were used primarily by foot soldiers as knights needed weapons that could be used while on horseback. Their weapons consisted of the lance, sheilds and swords such as the broadsword, falchion, greatsword and longsword.

The large variety of medieval weapons in the middle ages was due to the Feudal System. No one was free in the sense that every one owed allegiance and had to fight for someone. Lords were required to provide trained soldiers, clothes and weapons for the king as payment for their land. No one was exempt from fighting, as every man was required to have fighting knowledge of at least one weapon. When there was a Call To Arms, all men were required to fight for at least 40 days, and in some circumstances it would be increased to 90 days.


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